26-28.02.2021 — SHAMANIC

Age of Aquarius - the rebirth of women

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You will learn to attract happiness and money to your life.

You will experience what family happiness is and attract it in your life.

You will be able to realize your predestination and achieve all your goals.

You will learn to enjoy the relationship with your loved one.

You will be able to strengthen your inner core, boost your self-esteem and attract the right people.

You will learn to communicate correctly with family members, friends or colleagues.

You will always be the dearest and most desirable person for your partner.

You will open your super abilities and the power of your ancestor lineage.

With the arrival of the Age of Aquarius the situation has changed - women find themselves under the patronage of the royal sign Leo, which symbolises strength, power and creativity. Therefore, in the Age of Aquarius, women will strive to manifest their individuality and unleash their creativity. The symbol of a woman of Aquarius Era is a bright, creative person who actively manifests herself in the world and gives warmth, love and harmony. She serves as a conductor of new vibrations of Light on Earth, generously bestows her inexhaustible energy on those around her. We call the Age of Aquarius the "Age of the Mother of Peace". It is a woman who will bring salvation to humanity, restoring the balance in such a difficult time, which awaits us in 2021.

Dear women, we are waiting for you to help you awaken all your feminine Power for the sake of saving the world!

Retreat program

Friday 26.02
9.00-10.00 Morning practices
16.00-17.30 1 block
17.30-18.00 break
18.00-19.30 2nd block
20.00 - 20.40 group ritual ‘Runway of Bos’

Saturday 27.02
9.00-10.00 Morning practices
11.30-13.00 1 block
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-15.30 2 block
16.00-16.40 group ritual ‘Lioness of the Lineage’

Sunday 28.02
9.00-10.00 Morning practice
11.30-13.00 1 block
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-15.30 2 block
16.00-16.40 group ritual ‘Patronage of the Ukok Princess’

Monday 01.03
21.30 exclusive ritual ‘Finding your Sheden’

Tuesday 02.03
21.30 exclusive ritual ‘Mantle of the White Priestess’

Wednesday 03.03
21.30 exclusive ritual ‘Rod of Uranus’

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Group ritual ‘Runway of Bos’
The Soul of Bos is a Soul in the form of a bird; it is a shamanic concept of a Soul that expresses our Highest Predestination. The Soul of Bos represents those Forces and actions that our Soul must perform on Earth – this is our principal task.
But in the modern era, people are often guided by mundane goals and have forgotten how to dream and believe in a higher predestination. And when a child is born in such a family, it falls into such limiting conditions that it forgets its high predestination.
Thus, the Soul of Bos, this beautiful and wonderful bird, loses its wings.
When looking at a modern man, we see his Soul of Bos: its wings can be obsolete, broken, or injured, hanging behind the bird’s body. The Soul of Bos, the Soul of predestination cannot fly.
According to the ancient shamanic tradition, we know that the Soul of Bos is a bird with free, wide wings that is to fly high above a person’s head, above the clouds. It has to fly high and look ahead in order to choose the right path. Choosing where to lead its master so that their path goes exactly towards their true predestination. When a person is at the crossroads of their destiny, the Soul of Bos far overhead tells them how to act in this situation, where to turn, and what decision to make so that this person finally moves towards their predestination.
In this group ritual, we will treat our Soul of Bos and treat its wings to make them stronger. And you will acquire a huge power, a huge energy potential from shamans and Spirits so that the Soul of Bos, as on the runway, can pick up speed. As a plane on the runway picks up speed and takes off into the sky, so does the Soul of Bos, having received its power, accelerates and flies up and takes its position above your head so that it would fly over you and look at the road of your destiny to guide you along the path of your predestination.

The group ritual ‘Patronage of the Ukok Princess’ is a very rare Mystery where each participant will receive the patronage of a special, great ancient Priestess – a woman whom Altaians call the Ukok Princess.
At the end of the last century, an amazing mummy of the Ukok Princess was found in Altai. And this mummy was famous all over the world – she had unique tattoos of totem animals on her hands, which indicate that this woman was not just the ruler of the entire region and her kingdom, but she had special totem animal powers that she used to obtain the well-being of her people. The Ukok Princess lived in a very difficult time when there were a lot of droughts and crop failures, and people, her people, were truly in need of some food. And the princess herself controlled the powers that were given to her; these powers were manifested in the form of incredible tattoos. It attracted crops and good hunting to its land. Thus, her people always had financial stability. Under her rule, the kingdom was always fully secured, and wealth accumulated.
When you complete the Group Ritual ‘Patronage of the Ukok Princess’, you will gain such power that in any difficult situation, especially now, in the time of an ongoing economic crisis, you will attract new sources of income. Your Lineage will always be protected, and there will always be sudden (logical or illogical) sources of income so that they will always be preserved and financially secured.

Exclusive ritual ‘Rod of Uranus’
The present era, especially the month of February, will be influenced by the strong aspect associated with the planets Uranus and Pluto.
The planet Uranus is a giant planet of our solar system. The spirit that rules this planet and the power of this planet, is sudden, unexpected, significant events. All sudden revolutions and changes in our world take place precisely under the auspices of this huge planet, this strong Spirit.
And just like right now, when there is a change of epochs — the old era, the Age of Pisces ends, a new era, the Age of Aquarius, begins — Uranus manifests its power, bringing sudden events.
The fact is that the old era is ‘unwilling’ to come to its end, so it resists. Our old habits and old laws remain, so Uranus brings unexpected events that will make us change, will lead the whole society to change, to the emergence of new precedents, new traditions, ideas, and new events.
In this ritual, the participant will receive a rod from Uranus itself so that when she, or her Lineage, or maybe she and some group of people, gets into such a sudden event provoked by Uranus, she, with the help of this rod, will be able to become the center of this event and use the power of this event to the benefit of her Lineage.
Each participant in this ritual will have the opportunity to preserve her Lineage and use the power of this sudden event so that she, her family, and her Lineage get a positive result from this event. This is like a rod that, for example, will help to divert a tornado, keep it away from your land, and safely direct it, for example, into the ocean.
Thus, with the help of this rod, you can control the power that Uranus will manifest in various economic, political, and other events that we’re going to experience in the coming years.

The exclusive ritual ‘Mantle of the White Priestess’ gives a woman a special energy. In a subtle plane, this energy looks like a mantle.
The mantle of the White Priestess is a woman who has the highest abilities of Love and the highest power of creation.
The mantle of the White Priestess will create special conditions for the disclosure of magical abilities in your destiny. Those abilities of a woman that are hidden in her feminine nature. Abilities that help to manifest a huge feminine energy in a positive way.
In the modern world, it is very difficult for a woman to fulfill herself because her talents and abilities are not recognized by society. But when the aura of a Woman is marked by the Mantle of the White Priestess, her skills and talents will be recognized by other people: by men, by her boss, and by society. Finally, a woman will obtain a respectable status and opportunities for the fulfillment of her abilities, inner strength, and her magical powers!

Exclusive ritual ‘Finding your Sheden’
To learn what Sheden is, please read the book ‘Siberian Shamanism’. Therein are beautiful illustrations of Sheden. It is a special place that the shaman creates in the subtle plane, in the higher worlds. It is a protected place where the shaman gathers the spirits of his most powerful talents and abilities. At the seminar, you can see a magical icon - a shamanic image. You will see what magical, fantastic, and amazing special Spirits are in this Sheden space. These are the most magical, most unusual, most wonderful abilities of a person.
At the ritual ‘Finding your Sheden’, the Shaman will help you create your magic Sheden in the subtle world, where he will help you invite your Spirits of talents. And your Spirits of talents and abilities will live in this Sheden under the protection of shamanic powers.
Your talents and abilities will be revealed, developed, and fulfilled in life. After this ritual, no one will be able to steal these powers from you, to take possession of what you have done, or take away the results of your creativity. This will not be possible. You will receive recognition, and you will receive the results of your creativity and your creative power. And the spirits of your talents will be developing while being protected by the power of Siberian Shamans.

Group ritual ‘Lioness of the Lineage’
The ‘Lioness of the Lineage’ is a special group ritual that is necessary for those who want to make the most of the growing power of the age of Aquarius. With the advent of a new era, appears a new very important Power of the female lineage.
The age of Pisces was the age of masculine energy, and the woman acted as a subordinate, as well as her energy.
A new era has come — the Age of Aquarius — where a woman will have the role of a Lioness — a woman who has power, creativity, and authority.
In the ritual ‘Lioness of the Lineage’, each participant will receive the Power of an Elder of their Lineage, the ‘gentle’ Power-leadership of a special kind that can unite the entire Lineage.
We all have seen how over the past few decades, many Lineages have witnessed a lot of conflict situations that could not be resolved peacefully.
In the male Era, the age of Pisces, all attempts to resolve conflicts were masculine, that is, militantly and rudely. And, as a rule, conflicts remained unsolved and left a residue in the soul.
Now, when a woman, who is the Elder of the Lineage, gains the Power of a Lioness, she has a feline gentleness, and yet at the same time, she can possess inner strength and inner desire, and has the ability to unite her entire Lineage!


‘Runway of Bos’

‘Patronage of the Ukok Princess’

‘Lioness of the Lineage’

‘Rod of Uranus’
‘Mantle of the White Priestess’
‘Finding your Sheden’


Express diagnosis online with the shamanic team before the retreat

70 € The Shamans look into your past, your future, your akasha-chronicle

50 € When handed over to a representative of the city

150 € Different rituals


450 € Basic package*
This package includes:
• Retreat
• A prediction
• A shamanic icon

* - If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 300€.

650 € Average package*
In this package are included:
• Retreat
• A prediction
• A shamanic icon
• An amulet of Power
• 3 group rituals

* - If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 500€.

1300 € Advanced package*
In this package are included:
• Retreat
• A prediction
• A shamanic icon
• An amulet of Power
• 3 group rituals
• An individual session

* - If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 1000€.

It is also possible to attend the seminar for 1 or 2 days only. Then the participation is 195€ (if you give the sacrifice to the representative of your city only 150€). These costs only include the participation in the seminar/retreat. (Without additional options, such as accommodation, meals, group rituals, amulets, etc.)

The participation in the group rituals, if your package does not include them, is from 70€ (if you give the sacrifice to the representative of your city, only 50€)

Magic amulets

The major part of the work of a Shaman includes the work with the amulets. It is in the World of the Spirits that they find their home in the amulets and then they stay with the person – owner of the amulet, like his/her friend and protector.

The Shamanic team brings the amulets from the heart of Siberia, which are true living relics. They have several tasks: to protect, to create harmony in relationships, to strengthen the family tree, to protect children, etc.

These living Siberian amulets and Spirit Helpers that live in them await you on this retreat.

The energy exchange for such amulets starts from 20€.
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Attend a retreat

Send this message about the retreat to all the women you wish luck. For some it will be a release from their very difficult life situations and for others it will be the first step on the way to realizing their true predestination. And others will be grateful to you that they could get out of their everyday routine and come to the “Island of Love” (the retreat).

If you would like to participate in the retreat for free and acquire many helping Spirits, take part in all the group rituals and fill yourself with all the Power, it is appreciated and you may use your bonus for it: 30% for inviting a friend.


26-28.02.2021 — SHAMANIC

Age of Aquarius - the rebirth of women